Decorating Small Spaces

Jennifer Convy, host and designer of “Find and Design” Sundays on A&E, shares these quick tips to make your small space look fierce.

1. Curtains: fabric covers a world of sins and curtains are not just for windows. Hang curtains to separate rooms, especially in rentals. Who wants to have custom doors made? Cover closets (sliding closet doors) and alcoves for storage with curtains too. This adds coziness and privacy.

2. Grand Style: choose fewer well positioned larger pieces (i.e. a sofa instead of loveseat, entertainment unit instead of a bunch of shelves.) Measuring your space before you shop is key. People make the mistake of filling small rooms with lots of tiny tables, chairs and other furnishings. Get rid of the clutter. Larger more functional pieces make a small room feel grand.

3. More Bang for Your Buck: a sleeper sofa or daybed is best in small spaces. You gain extra seating and sleeping options in one piece of furniture. Shop outlets and discount furniture stores. Be open to buying the floor model for the better deal.

4. Keep It Simple: too many patterns and colors feel like clutter in a tight space. Choose a sofa in a solid color, or a tiny subtle pattern, that you can live with. Large patterns get tiresome quickly. It’s much cheaper to update your interior by changing out pillows and accessories, than to reupholster or slipcover.

5. Less Is More: a little wall color goes a long way in a studio apartment. When choosing paint color, remember, darker colors will soak up any light and make the room seem smaller. Try one accent color on a focal wall instead of painting the whole room one saturated color.

6. Clear the Clutter: buy smart and maximize your storage. In need of a coffee table? Less is more! Buy a trunk or a coffee table with drawers or shelves for extra storage. Need end tables? Try nightstands or a small cabinet. They usually have drawers, or cupboards, which means more space for you to hide your stuff.

7. Hide the Electronics: get rid of the cluttered shelves and CD racks. A small space will look nice and tidy with all of your electronics hidden. Go for an entertainment unit or armoire that has doors and great storage, rather than those open shelved units with everything out in sight.

8. Create the Mood: toss out track lighting and bright overhead lights! Get table lamps, candles, and color-textured lampshades, which change a whole room's vibe. Soft balanced lighting in a room can make any space look warm and inviting.